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Training and building skills

The enterprise element of the foundation is the place to be to learn, maintain and develop occupational and independence skills.  In the enterprise provision we offer individuals opportunities to find their place, skill strengths and what they enjoy.   


Flourish and feel part of something

From planning, sourcing, creating, selling, marketing, finance, and customer interaction, there is something for everyone to engage with.  Finding what you are good at coupled with engaging and meaningful activities and projects ensures a positive development in a person's confidence, worth, and value.

Find that entrepreneur in you

Finding that special talent can be very exciting.  With support and guidance, you could be the big boss of your own business.  Team Reach supports the development of mini enterprises which will be turned into a business model.   From crafting, cleaning services, and cottage industry, we have the right support to develop your interest.  We will support with the concept, business planning, marketing, and sustainability of your business, we have access to many third parties to support with the specialised business areas such as financial and legal.

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